Hole 1:

A very challenging tee shot for the first swing of the day awaits you, trees left and right with a cross dyke at 180 yards off the tee. A drive favouring the left side of the fairway will open up the green, and give you access to the pin when it is tucking behind the bunker on the right. Shorter hitters should lay up short of the dyke and get to the green in 3, a bogey to start is not a bad result.

Hole 2:

A tricky dogleg left par 4. Don't make the mistake of getting too close to the hedge on the left as it obscures your approach shot. The safest line is to the right of the marker post with a shot of 190 yards, this leaves you a straight forward approach shot of around 100 yards.

Hole 3:

A demanding par 3 over water to an undulating putting surface, at 190 yards the hole requires precision. For the less skilled golfer hitting your ball short and a little right of the green is the best play, then hope for a chip and putt.