Hole 4:

A short par5 with a real chance of going for the green in two, providing you can find the fairway. The fairway is flanked by trees, with a pond eating into the fairway at 230 yds from the tee and a cross dyke at 300yds. The more modest hitters need to be aware of where the flag is to best position their second shots.

Hole 5:

A very short par3 of around 110yds however as you would expect the landing area is small. A well struck iron shot sets up an excellent chance of birdie, when the wind is up keep the ball below the tree line to avoid your ball being carried OOB.

Hole 6:

A short par4 uphill with a wide fairway to hit. Bigger hitters will want try to get the ball to the top of the hill leaving a short pitch, where as an iron off the tee and a short iron to the green is the safer way to play the hole.